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The connection between suppliers and buyers of technology.

The Tech Accelerator creates a marketplace that gives innovators an opportunity to showcase their creations and expertise to corporations, agencies, and buyers seeking products, services, intellectual property, and expertise to solve their problems and challenges.  

Leveraging our expertise in intellectual property and business development, we make it easier for buyers of innovative products and solutions to find and understand the benefits of technological creations. We will transform your innovations into a 1-page synopsis and provide buyers with a point of contact to give them the peace of mind that those innovations are available for deal-making.

View an example of a past synopsis created by Tech Transaction.

Why Tech Accelerator?

We help save time and money in the deal-making process.

Supplier Benefits

  • Showcase your innovations to buyers on our user-friendly keyword searchable platform

  • Your innovations will be transformed into a synopsis that is easier for buyers and decision-makers to understand and consume

  • Have the ability to list your deal parameters or investment ask 

  • We can help identify additional potential commercial uses and relevant searchable keywords for your innovations

  • We can reach out to potential buyers on your behalf

  • Point of Contact flexibility – use your point of contact information or have Tech Transaction handle all initial inquiries and questions

Buyer Benefits

  • Find the innovations you are looking for easier and faster via keyword search on our user-friendly platform

  • All discoverable innovations will be available to buy, license or invest in

  • All innovations will be formatted in an easy to understand and consume synopsis format

  • Review basic deal parameters ahead of time to identify potential deals

  • We provide buyers anonymity during their searches and innovation reviews

  • Provided supplier point of contact

Additional Supplier Benefits

Synopsis Uploading

$50 (One time fee/Synopsis)

Synopses you have created and other technical papers/product sheets about your technology – approved by Tech Transaction Staff

  • ​Tech Transaction will review submissions to make sure they meet our quality standards and provide suggested changes as needed or return to submitter for revision.

  • Tech Transaction will charge an initial upload fee ($50) of the synopsis to the Tech Accelerator database.

  • Promotion on newsletter and to buyers when first uploaded.



$1,000 - $5,000

(One time fee/Synopsis)

Synopses Tech Transaction creates for you about your technology

  • Fee-based on volume of synopses and/or complexity of technology.

  • First-year of hosting is free.

  • Includes synopsis uploading fee, promotion of synopsis on newsletter and to buyers when first uploaded.

Want to learn more?

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